Family law

Why we love the practice of family law

We love family law because it constantly challenges us.  Family law is some of the most important and complicated work in which lawyers in the United States become engaged.  A family law dispute has multiple moving parts, and sub parts, that all must be resolved in one comprehensive, integrative judgement, where all the moving parts must be fairly apportioned and designed to work flawlessly together ad infinitum. We’re talking property, cash, retirement, kids, alimony, child support, ongoing medical expenses, college expenses…

We love family law because it is client centered.  I share office space with a Comp lawyer, a Medical Malpractice lawyer and a Criminal Defense lawyer.  I am the only one who regularly sees clients in my office- several times per week/day or hour! Our clients need hand holding, no matter how “sophisticated” they may be, to share their most intimate fears and concerns with us.  We are their shield, their armor, their advocate.  When we must go to court, real issues affecting the most intimate parts of our client’s lives are on full display.  The stakes are high and we act accordingly.

We love family law because our work will often have a significant, and positive, impact on our clients.  Even with bad facts, a family law lawyer can often craft a reasonable resolution that provides a client a clear path out of their dilemma.  One of the most common examples are cases with substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

We love family law because we know that we are dealing with families who will often remain families forever, regardless of the legal status of their relationship.  As such, our perspective is always focused on the future of the family. We craft legal documents that anticipate and ward off potential future pitfalls that could cause hostility, infighting and future litigation. We do this because we care about our clients and we have a strong desire to end their suffering.

We love family law because, lets face it, we get hugs from our clients!  What other lawyer can say that!

Guy Vitetta

Charleston, South Carolina

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