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Family Law Agreements: Effective Drafting Requires Experience and Precision By A Family Law Lawyer

A Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) can be a useful tool or a serious problem for one or both parties upon being finalized by the Court in a Final Order. The Family Law Lawyer must take great care in the drafting. Many people are surprised by the length and detail of a well-drafted MSA.  Another f...
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South Carolina Family Law Financial Software For The Family Law Laywer

Family Law is one of the most difficult practices areas for attorneys. In addition to high emotions, the financial issues are complex and sometimes difficult to grasp. With the release of Settlyd, Family Law attorney’s in South Carolina now have an improved and efficient way to gather, orga...
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How to choose a collaborative lawyer

An attorney recently told me that she was going to begin advertising that she did collaborative law cases.  This attorney has never been trained in collaborative law and has never even taken the mediation training, but she will now be informing the public that she is qualified to do collaborative l...
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Why Understanding the Family Court is Important

Understanding the Family Court in South Carolina is critical if you are facing the prospect of a divorce or separation.  Knowledge is power, and if you understand the system, you will be a great help to your attorney. South Carolina has excellent family court judges who show up on time for work eve...
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How To Choose A Divorce Lawyer

If you have come to the difficult decision to separate from your spouse, you will need to understand how to choose a divorce lawyer.  This is an important choice because it will affect every aspect of your life. People approach this major life transition from widely differing directions.  You and ...
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How Much Should A Divorce Cost?

The main question we get from prospective clients is How Much Should a Divorce Cost. First, much is going to depend on the hourly rate of your attorney. All family court attorneys charge by the hour, and hourly rates range from a $150 per hour for associate attorneys to $400 and up for more experien...
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