Fireworks or Independence: Know When To Pick Your Battles in a Divorce Case

Emotions run very high in a Divorce Case and couples often have a hard time deciding when to litigate and when to settle their case and move on.  Here are 4 things you can do to help you get through your divorce in a reasoned, thoughtful manner.  Have an objective sounding board.  Every divorce c...
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Dealing With a Narcissist In Divorce

In my experience, a narcissist has the potential to cause a lot of harm in a divorce case.  I have found that dealing with a narcissist in divorce can be a relatively simple matter if certain steps are taken to keep a divorce case moving through the legal process.  The New Oxford American Diction...
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South Carolina Divorce

Fraud in Family Court: Can A Family Court Final Judgement be Reversed Due to Fraud

One of the biggest problems we have in the judicial system is disclosure of information.  In certain instances failure to disclose information during litigation can lead to a reversal of a later Judgement. In a criminal case, if exculpatory information is withheld during the litigation phase of the...
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Family Court Terminology

Family Court is one of the most complicated judicial systems in which a person can be involved.  Understanding basic Family Court terminology is essential for anyone involved in Family Court Litigation. The “Judgement” or “Order” of the Court Unlike many states, in South Car...
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Dividing Pensions In Divorce: What You Need To Know

All property acquired during the marriage is subject to division in a divorce. Pensions are considered property. It is important to understand the process involved in dividing pensions in divorce.   What Is A Pension? A pension is a private retirement plan sponsored by an employer.  Today, almost ...
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Family Court

Contempt of Court: Understand So You Can Comply

Understand the Terms of Your  Order and Avoid Contempt of Court Charges in Family Court Family Court Orders establish the rules that govern the post-separation relationship and they must provide clear direction to the parties.  The language in Family Court Orders must be plain and unambiguous to...
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