Charleston Family Law

Family Law Considerations for Dating Before the Divorce is Final

Charleston Family Law divorce cases can take a long time. While the legal process plods along, many people want to know when it is advisable to live (and especially to date) as if they are no longer married. Consider the following to avoid problems from “dating too soon”. When is a Di...
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Divorce, The Brain and the Family Law Attorney

Divorce is often a tragedy of great magnitude for all family members. It is important for those involved in family law cases to understand how stress and trauma affect the brain in order to improve their abilities to make sound decisions. The human brain is hardwired to latch on to negative input f...
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Divorce Lawyer

Dividing a 401k in a South Carolina Divorce case

In a South Carolina Divorce case all property acquired during the marriage is subject to equitable division. The South Carolina Equitable Apportionment Act sets forth the requirements a judge must follow when dividing marital assets. The South Carolina Equitable Apportionment Act states that all pr...
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Your divorce lawyer may be totally stressed out, and why you should care

High conflict divorce cases take an emotional and financial toll on the litigants, and repeated exposure to these kinds of cases also has a serious impact on the cognitive functioning ability of your divorce lawyer.  You think you have the best (i.e. most expensive) divorce lawyer in the area. Her...
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The Standard Billable Hours Fee Arrangement – A Conflict of Interest For The Family Law Attorney?

Virtually all Family Law attorney’s work under the standard billable hours fee arrangement. I have found that this fee arrangement is one of the driving forces behind litigation in the Family Courts. Attorney’s have not always billed by the hour. This is a relatively new development. U...
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Vitetta Family Law Mediation

How to choose a collaborative lawyer

An attorney recently told me that she was going to begin advertising that she did collaborative law cases.  This attorney has never been trained in collaborative law and has never even taken the mediation training, but she will now be informing the public that she is qualified to do collaborative l...
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