Working With A Guardian Ad Litem

Working with a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in a Contested Custody Case in South Carolina. In a contested child custody action, the Guardian ad Litem can play a pivotal role in the judge’s final decision regarding the status of the child or children involved. The responsibility of the Guardian is e...
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How To Prepare For A Temporary Custody Hearing

If your Family Law Attorney has recently filed an action for divorce or separation, and an initial hearing has been scheduled, you need to know how to prepare for a temporary custody hearing if custody of  children is an issue. First, get your “story” together.  Draft a statement, no m...
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Use of a divorce private investigator

We had recently gotten custody of 4 children at a temporary hearing last December, 2012 for Dad.  Almost immediately, and unbeknownst to our client, Mom retained a divorce private investigator to conduct continual surveillance on Dad.  We had warned our client that a divorce private investigator...
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