Asset Division in Divorce

SETTLYD: Raising The Bar In Resolving Family Law Financial Issues

Cloud based Settlyd entered the Family Law Software market 3 months ago and has made its mark by giving Family Law Attorney’s an improved way to efficiently gather, organize and analyze financial issues in all family law matters.

As one of the two developers of the Settlyd software application, we launched the site after 14 months of development with the goal of improving the way Family Law Lawyers handle the financial issues in their Family Law Cases. Since our launch, over 100 lawyers, accountants and retired judges have signed up for the free trial, with annual subscriptions happening at the rate of about one per week.

From the “Manage Doc’s” page, Settlyd provides one common interface for access to a Financial Declaration, Child Support Calculation, Net Available Income analysis for Spousal Support, and an Asset Division page with numerous asset division options. The interface is simple and intuitive and provides immediate access to Settlyd’s powerful financial tools.

manage docs

Perhaps the Settlyd feature users like best it the “FD Access” button. Once a new client matter has been opened on Settlyd, the attorney can send their client link to the Settlyd Financial Declaration and the client can then enter the financial information required by the courts directly into the Settlyd Cloud in simple “interview format”.  

FD Access

Once all financial information has been entered onto Settlyd, the user has the option to populate any or all of this information into Settlyd’s Asset Division sheet. Settlyd provides numerous custom options for dividing either entire categories or individual line items separate from an overall percentage division of all assets.

Asset Division

Finally, no Family Law Financial Software will be complete without South Carolina Child Support and Alimony calculations. Settlyd’s child support calculator follows the State Guidelines and even provides an “Excess Guideline” feature that gives options for families whose income exceeds the Guideline tables. The Alimony feature is actually called  “Net Available Income” because that is exactly what it does: it provides two options for figuring the after tax benefit and cost to the parties when spousal support and alimony is at issue.

As Settlyd is Cloud based, nothing is saved on a user’s hard drive as all data is stored on secure servers, with multiple redundant back ups in the United States with the highest level of encryption and security. Settlyd’s user interface is easy on the eyes and the software runs very fast. The best part, documents prepared on Settlyd are quickly downloadable to presentation quality pdf’s for use in court, mediation or settlement discussions.

Jill, an early Settlyd user said that “this is something I have always needed”. Barry, a retired Family Court Judge, has said Settlyd is a “great asset” to his Family Law Practice. As more lawyers, judges and accountants begin to use Settlyd, they will also see that Settlyd improves efficiency and accuracy, lending to a higher level of preparation and professionalism.

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