South Carolina Family Law Financial Software For The Family Law Laywer

Family Law is one of the most difficult practices areas for attorneys. In addition to high emotions, the financial issues are complex and sometimes difficult to grasp. With the release of Settlyd, Family Law attorney’s in South Carolina now have an improved and efficient way to gather, organize and analize all financial information in a Family Law Case.

Settlyd provides a South Carolina Family Law Lawyer, whether they use a Mac or PC, with an intuitive user interface that begins with the simple entry of client financial information. An attorney or paralegal who uses Settlyd will never again have to manually to fill out a SC Financial Declaration. Once a client’s financial information has been entered into Settlyd’s database, the Financial Declaration will be prepared automatically in pdf.

Perhaps my favorite feature of Settlyd is known as the “Generate FD Form Access” button. Once a client matter has been opened on Settlyd, all an attorney needs to do is click the “Generate FD Form Access” button and a link to Settlyd’s financial questionnaire will immediately be sent to their client. Once the client completes the on line questionnaire, the Family Law Lawyer can simply review, revise the data as necessary, and print a properly prepared South Carolina Financial Declaration- it really could not be more simple!

But Settlyd does not stop with simply by preparing a Financial Declaration. Settlyd provides an option to link some or all of the information entered in Settlyd’s financial questionnaire with Settlyd’s Asset Division feature. This is a powerful tool that will provide numerous options for a Family Law Lawyer when analyzing asset division scenarios. A Family Law Lawyer will no longer have to struggle with an Excel spread sheet, or rely on (an pay for) a CPA to do the same. Settlyd will properly categorize all of the marital assets and debts and provide custom options division. The best part, Settlyd does the math! At any point, Settlyd will prepare beautiful “presentation quality” spread sheets in pdf form for sharing or use in court or mediation.

Settlyd also provides a Family Law Lawyer with an efficient way to analyze both child and spousal support issues. Settlyd’s Child Support calculator prepares worksheets A, B and C in accord with the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines and downloads each worksheet to pdf for use in court or settlement negotiations. As in all of Settlyd’s features, the Child Support user interface is “easy on the eyes”. It is an intuitive, clear and efficient way to access and use the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines and leap years ahead of other options available to a Family Law Attorney.

Settlyd’s Net Available Income feature does exactly that: it determines a client’s available income after taxes, other mandatory deductions and alimony. This is an excellent option for attorney’s seeking a rational way to resolve spousal support and alimony issues. The Family Law Lawyer can enter and view various options for support and see the net effect it will have to both parties. Once again, Settlyd prints all spousal support documents to easy to read pdf’s for sharing or using in court or settlement negotiations.

Since Settlyd is cloud based, it is alway current with changes in the tax rates, child support guidelines and the South Carolina Code of Laws. The user never has to buy expensive updates and download them to their hard drive because Settlyd is always up to date. Furthermore, once a client’s data is entered and saved into Settlyd, it can be retrieve at any time for further analysis from any place that has an internet connection, whether the user uses a MAC or PC.

Pricing is very affordable. One attorney and one Paralegal can be logged in simultaneously, for the entire year, for the approximate cost of 2-3 hours an attorney’s time: $59.00 per month (with a $108 savings if paid in advance for one year). For this price, Settlyd’s servers permits a Family Law Attorney to store and then later archive an unlimited amount of client matters. 

Settlyd is a major technological leap forward for Family Law Law attorneys. It is an efficient, modern way to work through the financial and support issues involved in virtually every Family Law case. It permits a Family Law Lawyer to be a Lawyer; no longer playing the part of a scribe, mathematician or file clerk!

(Author’s note: Guy Vitetta is one of the two owners of Settlyd)

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