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Keeping a clear head is critical when working with your Charleston Family Law lawyer

The practice of law in the United States has become extremely contentious and the court system is suffering with a huge backlog of cases.  Every dispute between people becomes a war, every war must be won at all costs, lawyers are increasingly stressed and unhappy, incivility between lawyers is at an all time high and the public perception of lawyers is at an all time low.

Caught in the midst of this are families, most of whom have done nothing wrong, who need to work through the complexities of a legal divorce with their Family Law lawyer. Not only are the issues complicated, many Family Law lawyers take the “shoot first, aim later” approach by filing lawsuits against family members before taking any steps resolve the matter out of court or having any idea what has been going on with the family. This behavior only serves to promote fear and anxiety in the parties to a divorce case and inhibits reaching an early, out of court, resolution.

Regardless of the process you utilize, the emotions will run high and you will be asked to make very important, often permanent, decisions. It is important that you have a clear head and make decisions from a place of reason after a thorough consideration of all of your options. Here are some things can help quite and stabilize the mind so that we can have the best chance of making good decisions in difficult circumstances.

Avoid Litigation: Divorce is highly emotional. When our emotions are high, we are prone to make impulsive and poor decisions.  Before suing for divorce, consider using Collaborative Law or Mediation to resolve the issues. A lawsuit can always be filed later if needed, but the chances are very likely that Collaborative Law or Mediation will resolve the divorce.

Know the law: Knowing the rules in advance will help reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown. Don’t rely on stories you hear about other divorces because all cases are different and fact specific. Get your information from your Charleston Family law attorney, thats what you are paying for!

Get Exercise: Our bodies were made to be active. From a walk in the park to getting into the weight room, exercise is good for our brains and our moods and will help you have a clear head from which you can make good decisions.

Making decisions effecting child custody, alimony and property division are very difficult. When these decisions are made with a mind caught in the grips of fear, anxiety and anger, they will almost always be bad decisions. Being able to make better decisions will help ensure that you have the best divorce settlement possible given your set of circumstances.

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