If you are considering moving forward with a divorce or custody case and are ready for expert advice, meeting with an attorney at Vitetta Family Law is easy:

1. Contact us : Request an appointment for a confidential “Initial Consultation” with an attorney. It will last approximately 60 – 90 minutes and the fee for the consultation is $250.  The fee is due the day of the appointment.

2. Let us know your pressing questions and how we can help you be more comfortable with this process.  For many clients, an Initial Consultation is the first time they have come in contact with the “legal system” and it is often a stressful time.  We hope to put you at ease with information and a plan for realistic next steps.

3. Bring some or all of the following if possible to the Initial Consultation:

⁃ Pleadings, Motions, and/or Orders from (prior or pending) litigation between you and your spouse.

⁃ Tax returns for a divorce case (3 years of returns will be needed eventually).

⁃ A completed Financial Declaration form.  When you schedule an appointment, we can e-mail you an electronic questionnaire that will help you complete this.  To view the types of information you need for a Financial Declaration Click here .

⁃ A completed Detailed Questionnaire (if you have time). (Click here to download the Questionnaire form to complete.)

3. Expect that during the consultation, we will review your paperwork, listen carefully to your story, answer your questions, and give you options to consider, based on 20-plus years of experience.  We will also give you an estimate of the legal fees that we expect will accrue based on the information you share about your situation.

4. Your initial consultation gives us the information we need to answer your beginning questions and give you an expert opinion on various options your will want to consider. It is where we begin to formulate a plan to resolve your family law matter in a way that is best suited to you and your family.