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Why Family Law Cases Are Difficult And How To Lessen The Pain

Family Law cases are some of the most difficult cases in the judicial system. Here are a few thoughts to help you stay focused and get through your Family Law case with  your sanity and bank balance intact.

First, choose the right Family Law Lawyer. Our rules do not permit a Family Law Attorney to advertise that he or she is a “Family Law Specialist”, but you can inquire into which areas of law a lawyer will focus their practice. The day of the “General Practice” attorney nearly gone, and virtually all lawyers I know limit their practice to one or two areas of law. You want a lawyer who focuses their practice almost exclusively in Family Law. This way your lawyer should be able to keep up with changes in the law, recent court decisions and know how to get things done efficiently at the trial court level.

Next, see if your attorney has been reviewed by his or her peers. This means that other Family Law Lawyers have reviewed your lawyer and have stated an opinion. Perhaps the oldest and most reliable peer review service is Martindale Hubbell. Also, if your attorney is a member of any Family Law professional organizations, such as the American Acadamy Of Matrimonial Lawyers, you should be in good hands.

Is your Family Law Attorney current with the latest technology or do they still do things “the old fashioned way”. Time is money and technology can help us be more efficient; and this saves YOU money. Does your attorney have electronic time and billing software, do they have the ability to quickly scan, save and deliver documents electronically? Does your attorney use software to help resolve the financial issues in your case, or do they use a pencil and paper. settlyd.com is an excellent program that allows an attorney to efficiently gather, organize and analyze all of the financial issues in your Family Law case in one comprehensive cloud based application. Settlyd will save your attorney time (and you money) while improving the quality of the necessary financial analysis.

Finally, is your Family Law attorney skilled in all forms of dispute resolution. Litigation is only one way people resolve disputes. There is also Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice, to name a few. The more tools that your attorney has in their tool box means more opportunities for you to avoid a lengthly, expensive and destructive court battle.

Most of us did not get married impulsively so don’t pick your Family Law Attorney impulsively. Give yourself some time and make sure you make the best decision possible.

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