Vitetta Law Group attorneys bring 25 years of combined experience involving complex litigation and resolution of divorce, alimony, child support, custody and intricate financial issues.

We care about you.

We care about every aspect of your case.

Vitetta Law Group practices exclusively Divorce and Family Law because we want to make a positive difference for our clients.  The impact of Family Law on individuals, families and the community is long-lasting and sometimes permanent.  Family law is also one of the most complicated areas of law in the Judicial System.  By focusing exclusively on Divorce and Family Law, we are able to stay current and foresee trends and developments that give our clients an advantage which benefits them long after the case is completed.  Vitetta Law Group is skilled in effectively combining numerous tools, legal and otherwise, including investigation, forensic accounting, counseling and other services.  We are always listening, so we can serve your needs and advocate effectively for your interests.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce is Different. The Vitetta Family Law Associates is devoted exclusively to the practice of divorce and family law so that we can provide you with the…

Child Custody

Custody cases are very difficult. The Vitetta Family Law Associates is highly experienced in custody litigation and will strive to obtain the best results for you and your family.

Collaborative Law

There is a better way to divorce. Collaborative Law is a discreet, respectful and efficient process for resolving a Family Law or Divorce case.


This approach is a traditional lawsuit. Litigation is the best option for many complex and difficult conflicts and when used effectively, its processes can protect a client…


For many years, mediation was the only alternative to litigation in family law cases and it is widely used today. In South Carolina, mediators attend a comprehensive…