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Cooperative Family Law

Lawyers are well aware of the harm that litigation can do to families in a divorce or separation. This is one of the reasons lawyers brought us Mediation, Arbitration, Collaborative Law and other forms alternative dispute resolution.

Today we are welcoming the latest development in alternative dispute resolution- The Charleston Cooperative Family Law Association. In a Cooperative law process both sides and their attorneys agree to refrain from filing lawsuits or going to court (except in bona fide emergencies), and agree to the free and voluntary exchange necessary financial and other information, and agree to negotiate in good faith.

The goal is to minimize acrimony, minimize time and minimize expense. Where children are involved, the hope is that the goodwill achieved will spill over into the co-parenting relationship and other aspects of the parties’ lives. Divorce will rarely, if ever, be a positive experience, but it can be less expensive, less acrimonious, less time-consuming and less painful.

There are times, however, when disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation. Sometimes there are genuine emergencies that must be heard by a judge. Sometimes a party acts in bad faith. When these things happen, the members of CCFLA are committed to advocating zealously for the best interests of their individual clients.

Thank you and be well!

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