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What should therapists do when they get a request to release their client’s mental health file to a divorce lawyer?

Therapists and others in the mental health community are often unsure what to do when confronted with a request for a client’s therapy records from a divorce lawyer. Here are a few practice pointers based on what I have learned over the years in this evolving area of law. First, how was the re...
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Divorce and Family Law

Be Prepared: Divorce is Complicated!

Many people have never had a meaningful interaction with the Court system before a divorce.  Usually this is a stressful time, and depending on what they’ve heard from the media, friends, family and rumors, expectations can be unrealistic. Divorce cases are some of the most complicated case...
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Adultery in Family Court

Can a parent be denied custody and/ or visitation with a newborn if he or she has a substance abuse problem?

Substance abuse issues are one of the most hotly litigated issues in the family court when it comes to custody and visitation of children. A person who tests  positive for the use of illegal drugs or non prescribed drugs will not be permitted to be left alone with a child in almost all situations. ...
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My boyfriend and his ex share joint custody. Does he need to legally give her a copy of his daughter’s insurance cards?

I was recently asked this question and, once I understood the motivation, was able to offer some advise that I hope helped. It would seem common sense to make sure both parents who are separated or divorced have access to the kids insurance papers. In the wacky world of Family Court, however, this ...
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