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What should therapists do when they get a request to release their client’s mental health file to a divorce lawyer?

Therapists and others in the mental health community are often unsure what to do when confronted with a request for a client’s therapy records from a divorce lawyer. Here are a few practice pointers based on what I have learned over the years in this evolving area of law. First, how was the re...
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Can the Family Court terminate the parental rights of an incarcerated inmate?

Andrew Myers was serving a prison sentence in Virginia. Prior to his incarceration his girlfriend became pregnant with their child and she gave birth after he was incarcerated. At some point, Social Services became involved and the child was removed from the mother’s home and placed in foster care...
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Contempt In Family Court: What Does It Mean and What Should You Do?

Family Court Orders must be taken very seriously. The Family Court will enforce its orders and a person found to be in Contempt is subject to one year in jail, 300 hours of community service and/ or a fine of $1,500. Family Court Orders are often very detailed. They will set out specific visitation ...
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