Religion and divorce

Many couples who marry are of the same or similar religious faith. When parents divorce the religious upbringing of the children is rarely an issue. On occasion, however, disagreement arises. In those cases, who gets to make the decision? The United States was founded upon a rule of law that require...
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Alimony Reform

Can alimony be terminated when a supported spouse lives with a romantic companion?

It is settled law that alimony will terminate upon the remarriage of the recipient. Several years ago our legislature added a new rule permitting the termination of alimony should the recipient cohabit with a romantic companion for a period of 90 or more consecutive days.  But what if a two people ...
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What constitutes “income” when determining an appropriate award of alimony?

Alimony is not an exact science in South Carolina. 13 separate factors must be separately analyzed and each one specifically addressed when making an alimony order.  It is usually a simple matter to accurately determine income by examining tax returns, W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. But when i...
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