family court litigation

What circumstances permit an annulment versus a divorce?

Family law lawyers get requests for annulments in generally two cases: a very short term marriage (just a few months) or marriage to a foreign national for a short period of time.  In both of these instances, South Carolina law provides very little flexibility.   The reason someone may want an ann...
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Child Custody

The South Carolina “stepparent adoption” statute provides solutions for single parents.

Most people know that a stepparent can adopt their new spouses children when the facts permit. However the South Carolina adoption statute states that “……… any person may adopt a child to whom he is related by blood or marriage.” Consider the following:  A one night stand,...
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family law

Can a person be “common law married” while legally married to someone else?

An older gentleman met with me recently to discuss his desire to end his marriage. Both he and his wife were on their second marriages. They had no children and only some jointly acquired property.  He told me that they decided to be Common Law married in 2010 so his girlfriend could get on his...
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