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What should therapists do when they get a request to release their client’s mental health file to a divorce lawyer?

Therapists and others in the mental health community are often unsure what to do when confronted with a request for a client’s therapy records from a divorce lawyer. Here are a few practice pointers based on what I have learned over the years in this evolving area of law. First, how was the re...
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Family Court

Contempt In Family Court: What Does It Mean and What Should You Do?

Family Court Orders must be taken very seriously. The Family Court will enforce its orders and a person found to be in Contempt is subject to one year in jail, 300 hours of community service and/ or a fine of $1,500. Family Court Orders are often very detailed. They will set out specific visitation ...
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What Is At Stake For A Person Who Is In Default Of A South Carolina Divorce Case

The word “default” has an ominous ring and a finding of default against a litigant can often be fatal. In Family Court, however, default is not nearly as draconian. Default is when one party to a lawsuit fails respond to an allegation in the time required by court rule. Default most often happen...
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Should You Consider Binding Arbitration In Your Divorce Case

Reaching a settlement in a routine divorce can be expensive. Going to trial in a divorce case can be financially prohibitive for all but the wealthy. Arbitration may be more affordable and better way to resolve a divorce for most people. Arbitration in a divorce case is when two people hire a neutr...
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Reason Number 101 Why You Should Never Let A Family Court Judge Make A Decision About Your Family’s Future

Family Court Judges are the most powerful judges in South Carolina and their power is virtually unchecked. The harm that they commit, with the willing assistance of the trial lawyers, will often leave permanent scars on innocent families living in our communities.  A Family Court Judge can give p...
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