Temporary Custody Hearing

Can Parents Get Equal Custody of Children

Within the last year we have had three cases where we have represented dads who have gotten equal custody of children at a Temporary Hearing. Just this past week we represented a dad who had been sharing visitation of his 6 year old daughter on an equal basis, but on a hap hazard “whenever mo...
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family law lawyer

Use of a divorce private investigator

We had recently gotten custody of 4 children at a temporary hearing last December, 2012 for Dad.  Almost immediately, and unbeknownst to our client, Mom retained a divorce private investigator to conduct continual surveillance on Dad.  We had warned our client that a divorce private investigator...
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Vitetta Law Group Expands to Daniel Island

Vitetta Law Group, formerly The Law Office of Guy J. Vitetta, one of Charleston, South Carolina’s leading Criminal, Family and Collaborative Law firms, announced today that the firm has added a new attorney, Courtney Wall Kerce.  Ms. Kerce graduated from the Charleston School of Law in August...
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