Adultery Investigations and Electronic Surveilance

The typical adultery investigation almost always relies on a private investigator. Attorney’s now have access to a great deal of additional electronic information that can help piece together a difficult case.  

Not too long ago when a person suspected their spouse of committing adultery and retained an attorney to investigate, the attorney would contact his or her favorite, most reliable investigator to conduct visual surveillance and gather the evidence.  If the investigator was successful, it would often prove to be powerful evidence that would help bring about a quick and discreet resolution.

This kind of direct investigation is still critical, but sometimes the person being investigated proves “hard to get” and there are gaps in the necessary proof.

We are living in amazing times! Our every location is almost always being tracked by surveillance cameras, cell phone signals, the automobiles that we drive, our computers and our tablets.

A short while ago we had a case where Wife came to us because she suspected her Husband was committing adultery. They had been married 8 years, Husband was a highly paid professional and Wife was at home with 2 babies. Our client told us that her Husband had become disinterested in his family, was “working late” frequently and on more “business trips” that usual.

Our investigator installed a portable, miniature surveillance camera directed at the house of Husbands suspected girlfriend.  The surveillance video showed Husband at the girlfriends house overnight one time but it could not determine how Husband got there.  Our investigator had driven by several times during the surveillance and Husbands car was not there.

Clearly girlfriend was picking Husband up somewhere else and they were parking in the girlfriends attached garage. Our surveillance camera got lucky to catch them outside together several times.

We really needed to find where Husband parked his car to record him being picked up by his girlfriend for a complete picture of what was going on.  Courtney then had the idea to contact nearby commercial establishments that had outdoor surveillance cameras to see if we could look at their recordings for the day in question.

The director of security for a business very near the girlfriends house had worked with our investigator in a local police department in the past and were good friends, so it was not difficult to get access to the surveillance video of their parking lot!  We saw the video and there Husband was, getting picked up by the girlfriend, and our case was sealed.

Our general location can also be determined by triangulating the “pings” from our cell phones.  The US Attorney’s office has and does successfully prosecute conspiracy cases partially in reliance on this kind of evidence.

Additionally, all of our computers and tablets record our location wherever we happen to be.  Obtaining this kind of evidence is often very powerful (but expensive!) and can really help fill in the “how and when” questions that often give us headaches!

The main point is that there is a great deal information available to us that is being recorded by third parties that may very well prove critical to our case.

We just need to look around and find out whose watching!


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